Public Prosecutor Kicks Case Against ‘Arabian Nights’ to the Curb

According to Al Ahram, the AFP, and others, the Egyptian hisba case against 1,001 Arabian Nights has been dismissed.

Prosecutor Abdel Megid Mahmud threw out the case—brought by a group calling themselves “Lawyers Without Shacklers”—saying the epic tales had been published for centuries without a problem, and had been an inspiration to countless artists.

The “Lawyers Without Shacklers” group had filed the case after a new edition of 1,001 Nights was published by the government-run General Agency for Cultural Palaces, edited by venerable Egyptian author Gamal al-Ghitani.

They had filed a complaint with the public prosecutor against the book’s publication, claiming it was lewd.

According to the AFP, the prosecutor also made reference to a 1985 ruling which allowed the book to be published, saying the latest case brought no new elements.

Cheer, sure. Then go read it.


  1. Great news! thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. It should have been banned a long time ago just for being an example of bad literature, lewd or not.

  3. bad literature? dude, i’m not an overall fan, but c’mon! how is 1,001 nights bad literature?

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