FUN Summer Reading Suggestions: Experts Recommend Arabic Kids’ Lit

Oh, you know why you should read to your kids this summer: It makes them smarter, it makes them calmer, it helps them empathize with others—and no one can stay out in the sun all day.

But which books? Anyone who’s perused the stacks of Arabic literature knows that there are a lot of disappointing Arabic kids books out there: hurriedly illustrated, badly written, with an overbearing moral. (I will not pause to tell you about my older one’s experience with a book called The Three Martyrs.)

I will be posting Arabic children’s literature suggestions, broken up by age group, over the next few weeks. For those who are not in the Arabophone world (but who want their children to read in Arabic), many of the titles are available via and

The suggestions are over at Read Kutub KIDS.