Writer’s Retreat in El Gouna (But Not Really for Egyptians)

I had no idea, (until it was mentioned in Al Masry Al Youm) but apparently there is a writer’s residency program in El Gouna.

I also had no idea that there was a Biblioteca Alexandrina branch in Gouna. Resort towns—is that where they’ve been hiding the libraries? I suppose I should’ve known.

Anyhow, the first thing I wanted to know was: Is this writer’s retreat open to Egyptians? Sort of:

  • El Gouna Writers’ Residency is open to international writers who have published books in the categories of novels, short stories, poetry or plays
  • Writers should have a specific project they will be developing or completing at the Residency
  • Regardless of the country of origin, the applicant must be fluent in speaking either English or French

I know that the IPAF organizers put together a writer’s retreat last year, but I’m not sure how the writers were selected, or what the application process might’ve been. Other writer’s residencies/retreats/programs aimed at literary artists who work in Arabic?