Update on Arabic E-Books from Publishing Perspectives

I am not a Luddite—I am, after all, writing these words on a computer—but neither am I an early adopter of new technology. (All right, I was working as an Internet journalist in 1996, but that was hardly my fault.)

I don’t have an iPad or an iPhone, and I joined the Twitterverse only because Emirates Lit Festival coaxed me in with sweets and carrots.

So I appreciate the work Publishing Perspectives has done to keep me abreast of the world of e-books in Arabic. PP recently spoke (emailed?) with Ramy Habeeb of www.kotobarabia.com. It sounds—without knowing anything about the e-book landscape—like they’re nearing a breakthrough?

Habeeb told PP:

Since last speaking to Publishing Perspectives, a lot has happened… we have digitized over 3,000 additional titles, released another collection for academic use, completely revamped our website and are (as of June 25th, 2010) waiting for the Apple Appstore to approve our first iPhone app – 1,001 Arabian Nights (iPad version to soon follow).

More from the interview…and then you tell me what it means. Much obliged.