Cairo’s Mid-July 2010 Bestsellers: YA Tops the List

Please remember that these are only the bestsellers from one bookstore,  Kotob Khan, as to my knowledge other bookstores in the region don’t send out bestseller lists, and I don’t think I’m up for collecting and aggregating one myself. (Wouldn’t that involve math?)

In any case, the mid-July list-topper is a Bloomsbury-Qatar translation of Randa Abdel-Fattah’s YA novel, When the Streets Had a Name. Does this mean teenagers are reading over the summer? I do hope so.

Next on the list is Jordanian Salwa al Lubani’s amusingly titled So You Think You’re an Infidel.

Al-Qarni’s Don’t Be Sad appears for the first time, although I believe it’s been popular around the region. Also new to the list is Youssef Ziedan’s Words.

Note that a new English-language edition of Beer in the Snooker Club (No. 18) will be coming out in December from Serpent’s Tail.

1 – When the Streets Had a Name – Randa Abdel-Fattah

2 – So You Think You’re an Infidel – Salwa Al Lubani

3 – Very Egyptian Tales – Hisham Al-Khash

4 – Ando Mando – Yahya Mukhtar

5 – Why Don’t Egyptians Revolt? – Alaa Al Aswany

6 – Don’t Be Sad – Al-Qarni

7 – Azazel – Youssef Zeidan

8 – Surprised People – Salah Issa

9 – A Book Without a Name – Ahmed Esseily

10 – Diamond Dust – Ahmed Mourad

11 – Do We Deserve Democracy? – Alaa Al Aswany

12 – Arab Theology – Youssef Zeidan

13 – Abu Omar al-Masri – Ezz Eddin Shoukry

14 – Lyrics – Youssef Zeidan

15 – Two Rooms and a Hall – Ibrahim Aslan

16 – Beer in the Snooker Club – Wagiuh Ghali

17 – The Age of Science – Ahmed Zewail

18 – Beer in the Snooker Club – Wagiuh Ghali

19 – Middle Eastern Dance – Khaled al-Berry

20 – The Tantureya – Radwa Ashour

1- حينما كان للشوارع أسماء – رندة عبد الفتاح
2- أنت تفكر .. إذن أنت كافر – سلوى اللوبانى
3- حكايات مصرية جداً – هشام الخشن
4- اندو ماندو – يحيى مختار
5- لماذا لا يثور المصريون – علاء الأسواني
6- لا تحزن – عائض القرني
7- عزازيل – يوسف زيدان
8- شخصيات لها العجب – صلاح عيسى
9- كتاب مالوش اسم – أحمد العسيلي
10- تراب الماس – أحمد مراد
11- هل نستحق الديموقراطية – علاء الأسواني
12- اللاهوت العربي و أصول العنف الديني – يوسف زيدان
13- أبو عمر المصري – عزالدين شكري
14- كلمات – يوسف زيدان
15- حجرتان و صالة – إبراهيم أصلان
16- بيرة في نادى البلياردو – وجيه غالي
17- عصر العلم – أحمد زويل
18- الرابح يبقى وحيداً – باولو كويلو
19- رقصة شرقية – خالد البري
20- الطنطورية – رضوى عاشور


  1. The problem is that this list doesn’t seem significant about anything to me..

    It’s not even showing either a trend of books or latest releases..

    Wish we can find something out of it..

  2. Well, at the moment it’s unfortunately all we have that seems at all real. Of course, Diwan has “bestsellers” listed on their site, but I think they mean it in a broad sense, as in all-time best-sellers.

    A true bestseller list would require someone to go around to bookstores each week or month and get real, honest raw data from them, (a newspaper, like Al Masry Al Youm, should do it), and mathemetize and make something out of it.

    I know it’s done for the Cairo Book Fair, so it certainly could be done on a regular basis, and might spur more interest in books.

    Now, Lastro Adri, it’s up to you to get someone to do this…

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