Banipal 38: Arab American Authors

I haven’t yet seen my copy of Banipal 38, which became available mid-July at the reading of three Emirati poets at the London Lit Fest, but one can now read an overview of the issue on Kikah.Com, written by Banipal‘s Margaret Obank.

The issue features the work of Arab-Americans (transliterated back from the Arabic as best I could):

Gregory Orfalea, Almaz Abi Nader, Etel Adnan, Hayan Charara, Suzanne Moody Drag (?), Laila Halaby, Lara Hamza, Nathalie Handal, Fadi Joudah, Assef Al-Jundi, Lawrence Joseph, Pauline Kaldas, Kadhim al-Hallaq, Mohja Kahf, Lisa Suhair Mjaj, Khaled Mattawa , DH Melhem, Iman Mersal, Philip Metres, Dunya Mikhail, Deborah Al-Najjar, Sinan Antoon, Naomi Shihab Nye, Salah Awad, Jacqueline Salaam, Dima Shihabi, Evelyn Shakir, Patricia Sarafian Ward and Sargon Boulos.

The offerings include stories, poems, and apparently excerpts from three books still in progress.

Plus, of course, the issue features work from the three Emirati poets who were at the London Lit Festival: Nujoom al Ghanem, Khulood al Mu’alla and Khalid Albudoor, as well as a travel essay by Youssef Rakha that you can also read on his blog.

Well! I hope it arrives soon.