Wasla Issue #6: You Have Your Religion, I Have Mine

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) released the sixth issue of Wasla, the magazine that blogs built, a few days ago.

The issue is titled “You Have Your Religion, I Have Mine” and can be accessed free online. Most of the posts deal with bloggers’ relationship to religion; most articles are in Arabic, but a few are in English.

Wasla‘s opening editorial mentions two news stories that sparked the religion issue: The first was when Cairo’s Security Chief arrested two drivers smoking cigarettes on a Ramadan day.

The second was about those who attacked Youm7‘s website because the newspaper was likely to publish an excerpt of a book by Anis Degheidy, The Trial of Mohamed, in which Degheidy tells the story of a Muslim lawyer who travels to Denmark to defend Muslims against a Danish lawsuit. The (fictional) lawsuit demanded the expulsion of all Muslims from that country.