Book Events in Amman, Berlin, Cairo, Dubai…

I thought  I’d be pushing it a little far to follow with any more letters from the alphabet: (El Mansura, Fallujah, Gaza…umm….)


From Amman Book Fair. Photo by Osama Shamleh, via 7iber.Com.

In Amman this week, Lina Ejeilat, editor at the excellent, tells me that there a number of book-related events going on in Jordan’s capital this week. And indeed, there are. (Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just take a ferry across the Red Sea?)

7iber writes:

It’s a great week for book worms, as the Amman International Book Fair continues, Al Hannouneh group hosts author Ibrahim Nasrallah for a discussion of his award-winning book “Time of the White Horses,” and the European Day of Languages is celebrated at the different European cultural institutes by a joint exhibition of books as well as readings of literary texts.


In Berlin, (ah, you were expecting that B was for Beirut, but I don’t see an overwhelming number of book events in Beirut this week)…. Anyhow, in Berlin last night, Doreen Khoury tweet-cast live from “New Kids on the Blog – Young Arabic Literature on the Internet.” And you’ll see, via Twitter, that she promised to write something up about the  (fascinating sounding) event that featured Hassan Blasim, Sudanese Thinker, Ghada Mohamed Mahmoud, and Ghazi Gheblawi.

Gheblawi also tweeted live yesterday; I hope he will post about it as well….


In Cairo, the bookstore boom continues, with events-rich Alef promising to open new stores in Ma’adi, Mall of Arabia (I have no idea where that is, but apparently near 6th of October City?) and Alexandria.

And, at Balsam Books, please note that the (award-winning) Fatima Sharafeddine reading has been rescheduled for the 2nd of October.


In Dubai, it’s just about time for the Read Kutub event featuring Ghassan Kanafani’s Men in the Sun. I have been sorely negligent in pressing folks to acquire a copy of Men in the Sun and join a corollary discussion online.


All right, I couldn’t resist. In El-Mansura, there are a number of events coming up at Books and Beans, including a signing with author Ashraf Tawfiq. Just click on their calendar.