International Prize for Arabic Fiction Longlist Profiles: Razan Naim al-Maghrabi

No, this is not the Lebanese actress-singer; this is Razan Naim al-Maghrabi, a Libyan writer who has published five collections of short stories and two novels.*

To learn more about her, you can read her blog, although it hasn’t been updated much this year.

Thus far, on GoodReads, al-Maghrabi seems to be the only one who’s rated her novel, although she’s quite open about it. She gave it five stars.

According to IPAF organizers, Women of Wind can be summed up as such:

Women of Wind is a moving story of female friendship and the secret lives of women. It tells the story of a Moroccan servant girl who requests the help of the women in her life to help raise enough money secure a passage on a smugglers’ ship. Before the heroine embarks on her harrowing voyage, the narrative weaves together the stories of the different women who help her, from the Iraqi woman who acts as a go-between between the heroine and the smugglers, to a female novelist and a little girl whose mother has abandoned her.


‘Ala Madar Al-Hamal

Collected reviews (on the author’s blog)

Women of Wind


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*Yes, sorry, we’re now getting into writers about whom I know little or nothing. If you have something to add, of course…!