International Prize for Arabic Fiction Longlist Profiles: Fatin Al-Murr

Fatin Al-Murr teaches French literature at the Lebanese University. Although she’s published two novels and a short story collection, most of what I can find about her online is about her scholarly interest in French-language Lebanese literature: for instance, here and here.

Although she’s listed in Arab Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide, 1873-1999, her listing only notes that she’s a “Lebanese short-story writer,” born in ?, who has written Bayn intizarayn (Between Two Waitings),which was published in 1999.

According to IPAF organizers, her longlisted novel, Common Sins, is:

A story of love and resistance set in Lebanon. Told from the perspective of a female narrator, Common Sins moves between southern Lebanon, Beirut and London and gives a perceptive view of the resistance in southern Lebanon.

A Bit About Her Previous Novel, Al-Zaman Al-Taali

Al Mustaqbal

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