Kalimat, New Magazine ‘Dedicated to Rejuvenating Arabic Culture,’ Readying for Launch

The organizers of Kalimat (no, not the fabulous UAE children’s book publisher nor the Saudi Arabian sweet shop) announced late last week that they’re close to launching a full website, monthly newspaper, and (they hope) a print magazine.

They added a call for help (a little heavy on the dependent clause):

As a magazine dedicated to rejuvenating Arabic culture by being a visual tool that serves as an outlet for political, cultural and social expression within the Arab region and its diaspora and to change Western perception of Arabs, we are looking for all types of Arabs to contribute creative and interesting content.

To see more about the project, visit their blog, and, if you’re so inclined, stop by the Contribute-Submit page.

Danah, one of the publication’s organizers, told me earlier that she sees the website as eventually existing in English, French, and Arabic, and appealing to “Arab creatives (whatever their background), basically anyone within the diaspora and the region that wants to contribute to the topics of culture, design, current affairs, technology and art.”

Danah said she sees it as the “Monocle magazine of Arabic culture.”

Kalimat is also on Twitter and Facebook. You can email them at info – at – kalimatmagazine.com.