The Bilingual, Collaborative ‘Palestine: The Graphic Novel’ (No, Not the One by Joe Sacco)

At the launch of the collaborative project Palestine: The Graphic Novel last November, organizer Mike V. Derderian remarked:

You’ve all probably heard of Joe Sacco’s Palestine in which he brilliantly fuses the art of comics with journalism. After spending two months in the West Bank, Gaza and the Occupied Territories Sacco wrote and illustrated a total of 280 pages.

Upon reading Palestine I asked myself, “what is stopping us from creating such a work that reflects our ideas and vision as Arab writers and illustrators?”

Thus, Palestine: The Graphic Novel was born. The Jordan-based project has since brought together writers, poets, illustrators, colorists, letterers and artists in the service of the bilingual graphic novel. Although the deadline is apparently over and the group will soon enter its third phase—designing the book—the Facebook page still seems to be welcoming contributors.

According to organizers, proceeds from the sale of the novel will go to a charity in Palestine.

You can see more art from the project at TasmeemME and on Facebook.

Thanks to @drawmedy and the blog Graphic Novels and the Middle East for pointing me in this direction.