Documentary on Disappeared Bahraini Poet, Ayat Qurmazi

Via Sinan Antoon.

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  1. The savagery of the Bahrani authorities towards a 20 year old female student Ayat Qurmazi for simply reading a poem is shameful and not in keeping with the behaviour expected in the enlightened democracies of the civilised world. How, after participating in such bestiality, can they be expected to be embraced by decent people in the international community. Today, they may be in the ascendancy, but all tyrannical regimes will be bought to justice in the end. To those evil, cowardly, tormentors who inflict daily suffering on the weak and helpless in Bahrani detention centres, your days are numbered and there will be no place to hide. God bless you Ayat and all those brave individuals who are fearless in the face of tyranny, by proclaiming what they believe in.

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