Calls for Arab Literary Artists: New British Council Grant, ‘Two Review,’ More

The British Council in Egypt this week announced a new “Grants to Artists” fund.

The fund will support (young) Egyptian artists toiling in the fields of literature, music, film, theater, dance, visual arts, and design. According to the council’s release, grants could be used for “travel to visit fellow artists or potential collaborators, to help you take forward an idea for new work or simply to develop your skills. The size of the grants awarded will vary, but most are expected to be under £3000.”

I put (young) in parenthesis, as the BC release says “young,” but then also adds “there are no strict age limits.”

Applicants should complete the form on BC’s website and send it to by Nov. 24.

Literary Journal Seeking Arab Poets and Writers (in English)

Jeremy Edward Shiok, the managing editor of the Alaska-based literary journal Two Review, is looking for Arab poets and writers from “Tunisia, Libya, Egypt” and elsewhere in the region to submit to the journal’s next issue.

The next issue will be out in March of 2012, and Shiok is interested in authors writing in (or translated into) English. Contributors will receive two copies as payment.

You can read a brief review of Two Review at 49 writers, a blog that promises “collaborative reflections and book news by and about Alaskan authors.”

Note: The submission deadline for Mizna’s “literature in revolution” issue has passed, as has the deadline for but you can find out more about the issue (and when it will appear) on their website.

Also: Know any Arabic poetry dealing with Parnassus? Well, if you don’t, there are other journals looking for creative work in translation.

And: Anyone have work in the Metamorphoses special Arab world double issue“? I’m trying to dig one up.


  1. Hellow, this is Mona Elnamoury. I am very interested in participating in the magazine both with writings and translation. I am a lecturer of Enlgish langauge and literature at Tanta Univeristy and MSA Univeristy, ICLA member, translator ( both directions) and a creative writer in English and Arabic. I also happen to be a participant in Metamorphoses, the issue you mentioned and you can check if you have it. This is my blog: Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. I express strong interest as well. This is exactly what I’ve focused on within my blog for the past two years, Arabic poetry in English translation.

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