Jadaliyya Culture Section Back with Translated Poetry, Essay, Memoir & More

The folks at Jadaliyya are (finally) back at the culture wheel with new, fresh-from-the-streets work from Egyptian Beirut39ers Hamdy al-Gazzar and Mansoura Ez Eldin, poetry from acclaimed Moroccan writer Mohamed Khair-Eddin, and an excerpt from Syrian Faraj Bayraqdar‘s 2011 memoir, as well as a discussion of Syrian author Mustafa Khalifa’s prison novel, al-Qawqa’a.

The fourteen-month-old e-mag also offers Hamdy al-Gazzar’s story in Arabic, so you can write your own rebuttal translation!

Hamdy El-Gazzar’s “Love,” trans. Nancy Linthicum.

Mansoura Ez-Eldin’s essay, “The Callous Father who Refuses to Die,” trans. Emily Drumsta.

Four poems by Mohamed Khair-Eddin, “Barrage,” “Untitled,” “Swing Plow,” and “Epoch,” trans. Gaelle Raphael.

An excerpt from Faraj Bayraqdar’s prison memoir, trans. Ahmad Diab.

— Anne-Marie McManus examines Mustafa Khalifa’s prison novel, al-Qawqa`a.

Jadaliyya also promises more fall culture: On December 15, they say they’ll publish an issue with Iraqi photography, more Hamdy al-Gazzar (who is reputedly writing furiously in the revolutionary era), and poetry by al-Zahawi and Talal Haydar.