Inaugural HOT Lectures on Global Perspectives on Translation, Translation in Digital Age

Now, I hope I’m not the only one who’s going to be using this acronym for Egypt’s new House of Translation.

Also, if you can read the tiny print, I’m posting this now (I realize no one in Egypt knows what they’ll be doing in February) because the deadline for workshop applications is Dec. 30.

According to the HOT website:

The workshop consists of two full-day sessions: morning session from 11:00 am-1:00 pm  afternoon session from 3:00 pm -5:00 pm. These sessions will be conducted by Professor Cronin. There will be one full day (February 14) of independent group work by participants between the two workshop days during which the group will be asked to translate a selected text that will provide the basis of discussion for the final day of the workshop.

Texts for translation will be selected by the scholar-in-residence (Professor Cronin) in consultation with the participants.  Samples of translated workshop texts will be posted on the CTS and NCT websites.

The application form in English is here. You need to fill it out and mail it to Dr. Samia Mehrez; selection of participants will be announced by January 15. Selected participants will have to pay a workshop registration fee of 300LE.

To find out more about Michael Cronin:

Visit his “staff page” at Dublin City University, where you can view information about his publications and conference participation. His personal website doesn’t seem to be working. You can read some of his Translation and Globalization via Google Books (for free).