Call for Submissions (Creative & Critical) from Arab Women

Inanna Publications has sent out a call for its new anthology, scheduled for publication in the fall of this year.

The book, called Min Timeh: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Resistance, and Space, is being edited by Ghadeer Malek and Ghaida Moussa. Abstract submissions should be in by Feb. 28, with full submissions ready by the end of April.

Organizers describe the anthology as:

…a meeting space for Arab feminist womyn living in the Arab world and the Diaspora. While physical and metaphorical distances and borders lie in between us, deep founded connection and intertwined roots seem to transcend these divisions and connect us to one another.  Our grounded experiences and our reflections as Arab womyn living in Canada, as well as our relationships with communities of feminists in the Arab world — from Lebanon, to Egypt, Syria, Palestine and the Gulf — have served as a testimony to these connections, and to the evolution of our shared identity characterized by our often shared struggles, burdens, and questions across various geographical locations, genders, ages, classes, races, religions, and the experiences we live based on these political categories.

Editors are looking for personal critical narratives, academic essays, and written and visual arts on subjects that include homeland, exile, arrivals and departures, feminism, queerness, borders, national struggles, solidarity, and (de)colonization.

They are particularly interested in women here in Egypt, and have tossed out three “guiding questions”:

       What are some of the physical, metaphorical, and political connections and distances in Arab womyn identities and issues across the Arab world and the Diaspora?

       How have Arab womyn built and developed their identities?

       What role does identity play in shaping Arab feminist struggles and organizing and how does it change with time and context?

Creative submissions (in addition to the academic) are strongly encouraged. Proposals and questions should be sent to arabfeministanthology – at –

What if you’re not an Arab feminist?

Well, Inanna also accepts book proposals. You might perhaps translate the work of an Arab feminist.

Thanks to Sofia Samatar for sharing this.


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