If You’re in Cairo: The Blog as (Cross-cultural) Literary Salon

While, yes, I will talk about this blog — and specifically about what I’ve learned about the readers and “business” of Arabic literary translation — I also have been talking to others who edit literary translation blogs.

Katy Derbyshire (award-winning translator and editor of “love german books“) reports a very similar experience to mine. Paper Republic (Chinese literature & translation) has faced similar issues, but written toward and around them much differently. Thanks to Michael Orthofer over at The Literary Saloon for helping me dig up more to compare & contrast.

Photo from the 2009 Cairo Book Fair. And yes, I have a first name. Apparently the marketing department insisted upon it.


  1. Best wishes on your lecture. Wish I could be there for it!

  2. I really hope that Carina and I can make it to this, it sounds fantastic! Good luck with it, I hope you post about it as well.

    1. Mona Elnamoury has promised that she’ll write about it for ArabLit…I think she’s also supposed to take some of my trademark awful, red-eye photos, too!

  3. Love it! Wish I could go! But of course I can’t, because I’m not in Cairo. But I still read your blog. WHICH IS WHY YOUR BLOG IS A CROSS-CULTURAL LITERARY SALON. 🙂

    1. Now, if I repeat that at the event, do I have to shout to replicate your all caps? 🙂

  4. Good to see blogging consolidating its authority and relevance in academia in the Arab world.

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