If You’re in NYC, If You’re in Cairo, If You’re in London…

If You’re in NYC

Well, then you should be planning to go to the Gazan Writers Salon on April 25 (give your Facebook RSVP here).

Participants include Fatena al Ghorra, (The Sea is Still Behind Us , A Very Disturbing Woman), Adania Shibli (Touch, We Are All Equally Far from Love); Soumaya Al Sousi ( The First Sip of the Sea’s Chest, Doors, Lonely Alone).

It’s at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, and you can buy advance tickets here.

If You’re in Cairo

On Sunday, April 29, the AUCP’s hosting an event titled “Celebrating Denys Johnson Davies’s Homecoming: Sixty Years of Egyptian Short Stories.” I don’t know if there will be…reading from the stories? An appearance by Denys (who I thought was in Morocco)? But in any case, refreshments provided.

Also: If you want to participate in the next “House of Translation” workshops, the deadline to apply is May 10.

If You’re in London

On the 25th of April, you should go to the Mosaic Rooms to hear novelist Rasha al-Ameer and translator Jonathan Wright talk about Judgment DayIt’s 7 p.m., it’s free, it’s a tremendously interesting book, and also tremendous fodder for discussion. What more could you need?

There are also other interesting talks coming up at the Mosaic Rooms, too.