‘Most Requested’ Graphic Novel Available in English June 5

“Of all the pieces we’ve ever published,” Words Without Borders wrote yesterday on Facebook, “we get the most queries about Magdy El Shafee’s graphic novel Metro.

You know the story: The book was initially released to a small run with no publicity, then it got tons of publicity when it was yanked from shelves in 2008. It was banned in Egypt, removed from said shelves, court case, El Shafee and his publisher fined 5,000LE for offending public morals. I believe an appeal is in process — and Merit had offered to publish the book — but in any case it’s still unavailable here.

But the full English version (trans. Chip Rossetti) is, according to WWB, on schedule for a June 5 publication. I look forward to  obtaining a copy by hook, by crook, or whatever it takes.