Welcome, Tunisian Literature (in English)

Poet Ali Znaidi — of Redeyef, Tunisia — has opened up a new blog: Tunisian Literature (in English). I was delighted to read:

Nowadays thanks to the proliferation of digital media, the task of translation in general, and the issue of cultures contact become in a way easier than before. Hence, the variety and the proliferation of blogs, sites, and forums, etc that deal with Arabic literature, or a literature of a specific Arab country, or just an author or a trend or a genre.

But to my humble knowledge, there is no such blog in English language about Tunisian literature . I hope this blog which can be considered the first to deal with Tunisian literature in English will fill in such a gap in the blogsphere if time, health and life permit.
While you’re out, read some of his poetry, too.
And I’m sure, as @BhopalHouse noted on Twitter, Algerian Literature (in English), Moroccan Literature (in English), Yemeni Literature (in English) and so on would also be welcome additions to our literary compound.


  1. M. Lynx Qualey- Thank you very much for this post about my blog.
    Thank you very much for your encouragement.

  2. many thanks for eyes up shall add to my google reader ,all the best stu

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