Welcome, Tunisian Literature (in English)

Poet Ali Znaidi — of Redeyef, Tunisia — has opened up a new blog: Tunisian Literature (in English). I was delighted to read:

Nowadays thanks to the proliferation of digital media, the task of translation in general, and the issue of cultures contact become in a way easier than before. Hence, the variety and the proliferation of blogs, sites, and forums, etc that deal with Arabic literature, or a literature of a specific Arab country, or just an author or a trend or a genre.

But to my humble knowledge, there is no such blog in English language about Tunisian literature . I hope this blog which can be considered the first to deal with Tunisian literature in English will fill in such a gap in the blogsphere if time, health and life permit.
While you’re out, read some of his poetry, too.
And I’m sure, as @BhopalHouse noted on Twitter, Algerian Literature (in English), Moroccan Literature (in English), Yemeni Literature (in English) and so on would also be welcome additions to our literary compound.