Yalla, (If You’re 16-30), Let’s Comics!

To participate: You have to be from “the Middle East region,” 16-30, and be inspired by one of these 12 themes:

1.         International Day of Peace (1st January)

2.         World Day of Social Justice (20th February)

3.         World Water Day (22nd March)

4.         International Mother Earth Day (22nd April)

5.         World Press Freedom Day (3rd May)

6.         World Refugee Day (20th June)

7.         International Day of Friendship (30th July)

8.         International Youth Day (12th August)

9.         International Day of Democracy (15th September)

10.       World Food Day (16th October)

11.       International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25th November)

12.       World AIDS day (1st December).

Submissions should be two pages, and a digital copy of the sub should be submitted to letcomics – at – gmail.com. More specifically: “PDF file (can be zipped), max file weight 10 Mb. Works can be in color or black and white. Works submitted can contain text in Arabic, English or French. In case of Arabic text, a separate document with translation in English or French is required. Participants can submit only one work.”

The winning work will be published in the catalogue of the Lebanese Comics Festival, and selected entrants will be asked to submit their art. There’s also a “special” prize that includes publication in an Italian magazine for no money, if you like that sort of thing.

The deadline is Saturday, June 30.