The original Arabic cover, presumably inspired by a scene early in the book.
The more atmospheric English-language cover.
The newly released Italian version, inspired by a scene (or scenes) later in the novel.

I realize they’re going out of fashion — or into a different sort of fashion, with e-books — but I like cover art. I love the new covers coming out on Arabic books in the recent years. And, of course, I love to compare covers of different language-versions.

More about Vertigo and Ahmed Mourad:

5 questions with English-language translator Robin Moger

A short review of the book for the Egypt Independent.

I thought of Ghada as having more of a heart-shaped face. But, you know, not my movie.

The Guardian:¬†By day, I shot my boss Hosni Mubarak. By night, I dreamt of dictator’s downfall

Al-Ahram Weekly talks with Mourad

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More photos from the screen version of¬†Vertigo¬†on Mourad’s Facebook page.

Also, Mourad just sent out this clip of the first teaser for the Vertigo series:

2 thoughts on “Covers of Ahmed Mourad’s ‘Vertigo’

  1. I must admit that when i go buying books and don’t have a title in mind I am attracted for the 50% by the covers on the bookstores’ shelves, so long live the covers!

  2. I am attracted to book covers, too. Apart from the content of the book, I think a book cover is also very important in terms of marketing books

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