QUIZ: Are You an Arab Literary Prize Whiz?

What prize did I win?

I created this quiz for the Egypt Independent. The idea is not that the extraordinary book-lover should score 100% — although perhaps you will– but that you’re a bit entertained as we stroll together through the Arab and Arabic lit-prize landscape. From EI:

The landscape of Arabic literary prizes is changing: The last five years have seen an explosion of big-money prizes such as the “Arabic Booker,” the Etisalat Prize, and the Tayeb Salih award. It has also seen the collapse of some regime-affiliated awards, such as the Muammar Qadhafi and Saddam Hussein prizes. How well do you know the good, the bad, and the gossip about Arab and Arabic literary prizes? Take the quiz.


  1. Well- that was with amusing and informative!

  2. ha-ha, I took it yeasterday! (but too ashamed of my score to tell you :-D)
    btw, nice and very well-done, super liked it!

    1. 🙂 Well, I don’t think it’s trivia anyone needs to know. Glad you guys liked it!

  3. Marcia, that question on Zeidan… I figured you wrote the quiz!! Good job though. You should write more of them to give our minds a jolt!

    1. Oh no, what did I say about Zeidan? I wrote the quiz so long ago. It was fun, though. Maybe I should do more!

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