‘Everything,’ a Poem for Eid

BBC recently “podcast” (can I use that as a verb?) Khalid Albudoor’s poem “Everything,” as read by Khawla al-Hawi. Listen or read:


Everything is in place
Your mirror
Your gem stones
The burning oil pot
The henna pot
For the Eid to come.
An empty chair
Last summer’s shirt
Your scent on the pillow
Remnants of our last day’s kiss
Everything is there
Even the sun
We saw sinking behind our balcony
Everything, but you

They unfortunately don’t list a translator; nor is one listed on Jehat

More Albudoor:

“Unknown Bedouins,” trans. John Peate

“Discovery” and “Indifference,” trans. Rasheeda Plenty and the author

All That We Have,” translator unlisted, Blackbird

Many more on Jehat, translator not listed.

Albudoor’s Twitter account, @khalidalbudoor


  1. Does anybody know when I can read this poem (“Everything”) in Arabic? شكرا

    1. I meant *where 😛

      1. 🙂

        Found it on his website:

        كلُّ شئٍ …

        كلُّ شَئٍ في مكانِهِ
        آنيةُ الطِّيبِ
        حناءٌ جافٌ لأجلِ عيدٍ سَيأتي
        مقعدٌ خالٍ،
        قميصُ الصَّيفِ الماضي
        رائِحَتُكِ فوقَ الوسادةِ
        ما تَرَكَتْهُ شَفتاكِ
        من طعمِ قُبلةِ اليومِ الأخيرِ

        كلُّ شئٍ
        حتى الشمسُ التي رأيتُها
        تهبطُ خلفَ شُرفَتِنا
        ما زالت في مكانِها
        لسْتِ هُنا.

        I suggest viewing the website in “classic,” because the flip whatchamacallit is a bit hard to understand. For me. http://khalidalbudoor.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you, شكرا

    1. Any time!

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