August is Ending: New Fall Fiction, New Fall Poetry

August is ending, beach season is coming to a close, and — huzzah — there’s a new blog in town: قصص أخرى (QISASUKHRA). It’s still rather spare, but promises “excerpts of previously untranslated Arabic literary works in English.” The first entry, titled “My Mother,”  is a short story by Hamdi Abu Golayyel (Thieves in Retirement and Dog With No Tail). There’s also new late-August fiction and poetry translations up on World Literature Today, Jadaliyya, and probably elsewhere:

Also: AUCP’s new fall catalog

Short Fiction

QISASUKHRA: “My Mother”, by Hamdi Abu Golayyel, trans. qisasukhra

World Literature Today: “History Will Not Be Made on This Couch”, by Hisham Bustani, trans. Thoraya El-Rayyes

The Arab Review: “Feero,” by Shafiq Taha al-Nubani, trans.  Sarah Irving and Youssef Hussein Hamdan

Novel Excerpts

Jadaliyya: An Excerpt from The Penguin’s Song, by Hassan Daoud, trans. Marilyn Booth


Jadaliyya: “Spartacus’ Last Words,” by Amal Dunqul, trans. Suneela Mubayi

Jadaliyya: Anamorphosis, by Sinan Antoon