Call for Submissions: This One’s for You!

I mean it. YOU. This is flash fiction — so yes, you can take the time to write, translate, or just suggest a story.

The call begins with trumpets:

For the anthology Flash Fiction International forthcoming from distinguished publisher W.W. Norton, NY. The editors are looking for:

1.Recent very short stories from any country, in English translation, word limit 750 (1-3 pages). We usually reprint translations that have already been published (send us a copy) but will also consider original, unpublished manuscripts.

Yes, I see that they “usually reprint translations that have already been published,” but the deadline is a ways off yet, so you could get them published and then submit. Or they don’t have to be published. As you like.

Plus: If you’re an author, you could write something now (or tomorrow), have it translated, published, applauded, railed against, applauded again, and there’s still plenty of time before March 2013.

What? You’re a poet? So what. Write a prose poem and call it flash fiction.

Or — what, you’re too lazy even for flash fiction? Well, they still need your help. Plus, there’s a free book in it for you: 

2. We would be grateful if you would help us find very short fiction–send us the names of authors, translators, stories, or collections. We are also looking for brief quotes, or commentaries, relevant to very short fiction. (These could be from any field–aesthetics, philosophy, physics, music or visual arts, popular culture, etc.) We’ll send you a free copy of the book.

And this information is important:

3. Deadline: March 15, 2013.

Contact: Robert Shapard, 3405 Mt. Bonnell Drive, Austin, TX, USA, 78731,rshapard – at –

The call notes that the other co-editors for the anthology are Christopher Merrill, director of the Iowa International Writing Program, and James Thomas.


    1. Must be! I guess you can contact Merrill about it as well, then. christopher-merrill [AT] uiowa [DOT] edu

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