Scenes from the Sharjah International Book Fair’s Opening Days

Images courtesy of a mystery photographer and the Twitter feed of @ShjIntlBookFair:

Entering the fair.
The works being donated to the (rebuilt) Institut d’Égypte under glass and under protection.
Unlabeled by @ShjIntlBookFair, so I’ll guess…this is the Arundhati Roy event?

Some of Dar Saqi’s books, reportedly not always easily available in UAE bookshops.
From the launch of Emirati author Noura Noman’s sci-fi novel “Ajwan.” More later, with a Q&A with superstar author Noman.
“Translating Literature: Reality and Challenges,” with Firas Al Shaer, Bashar Shabaro, and Abdul Fatah Abu Al Sayed. From @ShjIntlBookFair.
The Kalimat booth, with a bigger space for kids’ events this year. They probably miss me.
I hope those are books they have in those bags…!
The Scientologists’ booth.
Down-the-hall shot.