A Little Help: Publishers that Produce Arabic-English Translations

Someone coordinating a database of translated Arabic works has asked for a little help coming up with a list of publishers who produce literary translations, Arabic –> English. Useful, right?

Anyhow, please tell me who I’m missing (I’m sure there are obvious and embarrassing omissions):

AUC Press

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing



Saqi Books



Heinemann / Pearson African Writers Series

Yale University Press

University of Texas Press

Syracuse University Press

Northwestern University Press

Ithaca Press

New York University Press

University of Texas Press


Telegram Books


Banipal Books

Lynne Rienner Publishers


Three Continents

Palm Press

General Egyptian Book Organization / Egyptian State Publishing

Qatar Ministry of Culture

Zaidan Foundation (for translations of Jurji Zaidan’s novels)

ANTIBOOKCLUB (1 book, maybe more coming)

Alice James Books (1 book, maybe more coming)

Others with a few here and there:

Penguin Classics

Random House/Doubleday (In Praise of Hatred)

Overlook Press (The Doves’ Necklace)

Atlantic Books (Azazeel)

Sceptre (Sunset Oasis)

MacMillan (Metro)

I will also mention:

Aflame (Note that they published Khaled al-Khamissi’s Taxi and Sonallah Ibrahim’s brilliant Stealth and then closed, shame on them. Rights to al-Khamissi’s Taxi were picked up by BQFP but as far as I know Stealth’s still floating in the ether, SHAME ON YOU.)