Training Session for Lebanese Theater Translators

The deadline for this call is November 30, so if you’re in Lebanon and are interested in translating theater from Arabic into English or French, well:  

The Shams Association plans to hold a training session for those interested in translating dramatic works from Arabic into French or Arabic into English.

They say they’ll admit a maximum of 15 translators, and the session will be held from the 21-25th of January (2013) at the Shams Association in Beirut.

This session is organized by the “Contemporary Arab Dramaturgy” project with La Friche Belle de Mai (Marseille, France), in partnership with Shams (Beirut, Lebanon), Al Harah (Beit Jala, Palestine), El Teatro (Tunis, Tunisie) and the International College of Literary Translators (CITL, Arles, France). It’s also supported by the European Union.

It will be facilitated by Marie Elias and Nehad Selaiha.

Download the application.

Thanks to Mishka Mojabber Mourani for letting us know.