New Year, New Poetry

Several new poems have appeared (in translation) to greet 2013. Following the turbulence of 2011 and 2012, my hopes for this year are modest (although my dreams may not be). I hope to read at least a few literary works will heat up my soul and rearrange my mind.

Other good poetic news: Iman Mersal has just finished a new collection.

imagesNew Year’s Day Poetry:

Breathless,” Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi, trans. Sarah Maguire (The Guardian)

The Box of Pain,” Golan Haji, trans. Golan Haji & Kristina Stoltz (Jadaliyya)

March Light,” Golan Haji, trans. Golan Haji & Stephen Watts (Jadaliyya)

The Adulterers,” Golan Haji, trans. Golan Haji with Lauren Pyott (Jadaliyya)

That Life,” Ghassan Zaqtan, trans. Fady Joudah (Jadaliyya)

Collective Death,” Ghassan Zaqtan, trans. Fady Joudah (Jadaliyya)

Will They Believe,” Ghassan Zaqtan, trans. Fady Joudah (Jadaliyya)

As the Days Are Going to Disappear,” Yousef el-Qedra, trans. Yasmin Snounu, Edward Morin, and Yasser Tabbaa (Banipal)

Taking Shape,” Ines al-Abassi, trans. Ali Znaidi, (Tunisian Literature [In English])

The Poem of Christ,” Hafedh Mahfoudh, trans. Ali Znaidi (Tunisian Literature [In English])

Calls for Submissions:

Transference Poetry Journal invites submissions of up to 4 translated poems from Arabic (and other languages). Be sure to provide each poem in its original language along with its source information in MLA format. They also strongly encourage you to write a reflective commentary on the translation process, including particular challenges. Due Jan 15, 2013. (Details.)

Poetry News:

Associated Press – Mountain’s shape inspires Vt.-Iraq poetry alliance 

Bernama.Com – UAE Poet is First Arab to Win Tagore Peace Prize

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  1. Dear Marcia,

    Happy New Year for you and all the best for Arabic Literature (in English). May this new year bring more success!

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