On the Second Anniversary: Call for Script Writers

In London, the Swivel Theatre Company is looking for “ambitious writers to submit one-act plays about Arab Women in the Arab Spring to be showcased during a 4 week run in June 2013 at the White Bear Theatre”:

SwivelTheatreAccording to Swivel, these stories “can be told through comedy or drama, satire or gritty realism. The key is that it’s a woman’s story, and the rest is up to you.”

This is very much open to emerging writers. They add that, “The team at Swivel can help you at every step of the process, whether it is coming up with the initial idea or finding research materials.” They have research information on the site, but one hopes that an emerging playwright — with the exception of a really brilliant one — wouldn’t just scan a bit on sexual harassment in Egypt and sketch up a 30-page script.

Or maybe someone will, but then you should write something better.

In any case, Swivel wants scripts that are less than 30 pages, and they all need to be emailed in by March 4, 2013, to swiveltheatre@live.co.uk. As with most things, earlier entries are welcome.

You can also drop them an email if you want to be added to their mailing list, “which means you will get updates and advice straight to your inbox. If you are stuck or have any queries, we are here to answer any questions and provide any help or support you need along the way.”

They add: “Entry is entirely free. This is an unpaid opportunity.”