Appeal for Donations After Theft at the Palestine Writing Workshop

Now I finally have an occasion for “re-blogging,” and I don’t see a button on Sarah’s post that would allow me to do it. Anyhow, I am pulling this in total from Sarah Irving’s site, where she has posted a letter from the Palestine Writing Workshop (also on their Facebook page):

Dear Friends,

logoAs many of you have heard, our building in Birzeit was broken into last Sunday night and the Palestine Writing Workshop was robbed.

The thieves cleaned out our offices, taking our laptops, video camera, phone, and most damaging to us…our external hard disk that served to back up our files.

They were also very lucky to find a decent stash of money as we had recently withdrawn funds to pay for the many festivals and workshops we are currently running.

As a very small organization, the Palestine Writing Workshop suffered a great blow to our resources. The little they made off with equates to almost everything we had.

Still, we are very grateful they didn’t touch the library as they seemingly saw no value in our books.

We appreciate everyone’s kindness and concern and we thank those who have offered to make donations to help us begin to cover the losses.

For those who have asked how to help us, you can donate online. Everything that comes in to PalFest’s Big Give Account in the next 30 days will be fully donated to the Palestine Writing Workshop.

We thank you again for your concern and solidarity.

Best Regards, Palestine Writing Workshop Team