Farouk Mustafa’s Experience with Literary Translation and Contemporary Egyptian Literature

In his tribute to translator and teacher Farouk Mustafa, who died Wednesday, Franklin Lewis noted that Mustafa’s “wit, erudition, eloquence, stentorian voice and impish sense of humor were well known to all who heard his presentations for the Arabic Circle ( الندوة العربية ), an institution which he lovingly nurtured for nearly 40 years at the University of Chicago, the sessions of which have in recent years fortunately been captured and preserved on the web. 

Image from AUCP.
Image from AUCP.

Lewis noted that a number of Farouk Mustafa’s recent talks can be heard online, including “My Experience with Literary Translation“:

MP3 – Part 1
MP3 – Part 2
MP3 – Part 3
MP3 – Part 4
MP3 – Part 5

Recent Arabic Novels in Egypt:


Contemporary Egyptian Literature, Parts I and II:


MP3 – Part 2

There are a number of others; they are all here on the “Arabic Circle” blog, where you can find a number of Mustafa’s recent talks.