Graphic Novelist Magdy El Shafee Arrested Near Clashes

According to multiple sources, Magdy El Shafee was one of 39 arrested yesterday at Abdel Moneim Riyadh Square:

magdy-el-shafee-photo-chiarastela-campanelli-6699480x440Youm7 reported that El Shafee — godfather of the Egyptian graphic novel, who faced trials and other hurdles for his ground-breaking Metro — was arrested when he went down to try to stop the clashes yesterday. He was apparently arrested at random.

Dar Merit Publisher Mohammad Hashem said on Facebook that El Shafee was accused of perpetrating violence. Al Mogaz quoted author Mohammad Fathi as saying El Shafee didn’t try to escape from police “because he didn’t do anything.”

Other novelists said on Facebook that El Shafee was being interrogated today at Abdeen Court. It also appeared El Shafee may have been injured in the clashes.


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