Let’s Gimbal: New App Offers Stories from Around the World

Gimbal — a product of Comma Press, Literature Across Frontiers (LAF), and Toru Interactive — is now available as a free app that takes readers around the world:

Gimbal brings together the stories from LAF’s ‘Tramlines’ project and Comma‘s ‘Reading the City’ commissions. I don’t have an iDevice, and I don’t think it will make you more attractive or give you better hair (as in the video), but the free app does offer interesting stories from a number of world writers, with more going up each time I check. You can travel to Baghdad (Hassan Blasim), Alexandria (Francesc Serés), Dubai (Fadwa al-Qasem), Riyadh (Youssef Mohaimeed), and to some non-Arab cities, too.

You can download it here.