Mapping Cairo’s Arts and Culture Scene

The Cairo Observer recently posted about a new arts-and-culture platform that gives information about literary and other activities going on in Cairo: 

CUIPThe Observer quoted from the Cairo Urban Initiatives Platform (CUIP) website, noting it’s:

a bilingual Arabic/English online directory and a shared calendar of events for the multiple art, culture, architecture, advocacy, urban development and interdisciplinary organizations/initiatives addressing issues related to the city, the urban environment and public space in Cairo. CUIP offers an expanding index of organizations and initiatives operating in Cairo, and an overview of events in categories including academia/research, advocacy, architecture, urbanism, crafts, cultural development, film, heritage, literature, music, networking, performing arts, photography, public space, sustainability, technology and visual arts.

You know, a map of cultural events in Cairo.

The Observer notes that this is certainly a worthwhile tool — indeed — especially in the absence of any comprehensive events-listings elsewhere. However, the Observer says, like any map, the CUIP  “makes certain spaces and initiatives…invisible.” These are “namely the official establishment.”

The Observer: “It would be useful to include perhaps another color-coded category for official museums and other state-managed cultural spaces some of which sit empty and could potentially be used for events and programs by independent initiatives.”

I would also note that it could be a little bit more fun-looking.

CUIP offers a how-to guide for using the site and is currently managed by Amy Arif, who can be contacted at: info[at]cuipcairo[dot]org.

At last check, there were no events in the literature category, so you should send some on over.