Opening: Help Comma Press Set Up Arabic Translation Imprint

Comma Press — publisher of Hassan Blasim’s Madman of Freedom Square and The Iraqi Christ, both trans. Jonathan Wright — is setting up a permanent Arabic translation imprint and they need your help:

comma(Yes, you.)

The press is hoping you can help them get things settled through a three-month internship, during which you’ll be based within the publisher’s Manchester office.

The initial four strands of the imprint’s activities will be the “Iraq + 100” project, “The Book of Gaza,” the Arabic-language version of Gimbal, and an Arabic ebook imprint.

The internship will run: September 16 – December 13, although the dates are flexible if necessary. The position is full time, and the monthly stipend is £1132.

If you’re not based within commuting distance, then they’re offering an additional £750 per month as an accomodation allowance.

In taking on this position, you’ll cover “all aspects of the editorial process: commissioning, acquisition, production, digital production, sales, marketing and editorial. The role will also require a degree of research into creative writing activities across a range of countries, liaising with universities in the Middle East, developing contacts, and building links with authors and readers.”

To apply, email a CV and a letter of introduction to Ra.Page [at] commapress [dot] co [ dot] uk, explaining in less than 500 words why you feel you would be suited to the internship. Read more on the job specifications here.

This is being run in conjunction with Edinburgh University’s Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World.

Deadline for applications: August 20.

Deadline for your first interview with AL about how the internship’s going: October 16.