Join the Translation Games! Exhibition in London, Extended Play Online

The “Translation Games” — which I only just discovered — will have its opening night July 31, featuring live performances, a translation competition, and more:

insideThe “Translation Games” (@TranslationGame) is a research and exhibition project that explores translations between languages and within the fine arts, led by Ricarda Vidal (King’s College) and Jenny Chamarette (Queen Mary).

According to organizers:

Colleen Becker’s short story “What We Made” served as the source text for both the literary and artistic translations. The text was translated from one language into the next – i.e. from English into French, from French into Italian, from Italian into Spanish, etc. – and, in a parallel strand, from one art genre into the next – i.e. from text to film, from film to ceramics, from ceramics to sound, from sound to movement. The original text and the Spanish and Turkish translations were translated into textile by a designer.

If you’re interested in language and translation issues, the launch will be at the King’s College London, “in the Old Anatomy Museum on the 6th floor of the King’s building on the Strand.”

If you can’t make it to the event, you can participate in the games online, by translating the gorgeous short-short “What We Made” into a tweet. (The winner takes £25.)

If you’re interested in translation issues, even tangentially, it sounds like wild fun.