Do You Want to Define ‘World Lit’?

Asymptote journal has put out its final recruitment call for 2013, with an application deadline of August 26: 

The call-for-applicants reads:

WritingworldAre you amazed at the sheer number of languages there are in this world, and yet how little literature in those languages is being published in English? Then consider joining a worldwide team of volunteer editors, designers, and social media wizards at Asymptote. Still in doubt, you say? Now, we answer, would The New YorkerThe Paris ReviewBBCand Tosho Shimbun steer you wrong?

We seek permanent team members (but also happily accept interns) to take up positions (10-15 hours a week) in the following:

Blog Editor

The Blog Editor will oversee the conceptualization and management of a new blog we are planning to unveil in Oct 2013. The job will mostly consist of planning, commissioning and editing new translations/writing related to world literature.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager will promote Asymptote globally, via strategic ad placements and partnerships with literary journals, bookstores and other institutions from around the world. He/she will also look for ad buyers for the aforementioned blog.

Graphic Design Assistant

The Graphic Design Assistant (or Intern) will work closely with our Graphic and Web Designer for any graphic design needs. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator skills (as well as access to the actual programs) required. Please submit a portfolio along with your application.

Video Producer

The Video Producer will conceptualize and produce the video trailer for each issue as well as other videos (e.g. website primer, videos for an Indiegogo campaign).

Communications Manager

The Communications Manager is responsible for generating all external communications (including but not restricted to press releases, mailers and media kits). The applicant should be meticulous and possess an instinct for good copy.

PR/Communications Manager for Events

To date, we have organized ten events around the globe, most of them concentrated around our 2nd anniversary (see video trailer here). We are looking for someone to work closely with our Events Planner and handle both Public Relations and Communications related matters for future events.


We recently added new editors-at-large for Croatia, Iran, Macedonia, Malaysia and Slovakia (see current masthead here). We’d like to extend our network even more to ensure a constant stream of quality content from underrepresented regions. Now, we are specifically looking for editors-at-large based in London, Tokyo, and Seoul; we also welcome applicants from other parts of the world especially but not limited to: Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Editors-at-large also help to promote our journal locally, explore partnerships with local journals and even organize events (though the last is not a necessary requirement).


The Fundraiser will help with any and all fundraising activity (at Events, through our annual Indiegogo campaign, and via appeals to grant-giving organizations) and will receive a small commission for any funds he/she successfully raises. We prefer to work with connected fundraisers with some level of experience under their belt. Send us a query if you would like to know more before applying.

Business Developer

In Jan 2014 we will be unveiling a breath-taking new project that is fully aligned with our goal of stimulating the transmission of literature. We seek a business developer (ideally with some experience in Internet-related publishing) to help us conceptualize and implement a sustainable business model for this side project; this will enable us to keep Asymptote free to our readers after the next year.

Assistant Managing Editor

The Assistant Managing Editor will work closely with the Senior Editorial Team on streamlining work processes to improve the efficiency of the team as a whole. He/she may also be tasked to lead ad hoc projects. Only applicants with managerial experience need apply.

Managing Editor (Administrative)

The Managing Editor (Administrative) is responsible for liaising with the Technical, Marketing and Communications Managers, supervising the work of interns, and working closely with the Editor-in-Chief on HR matters. Again, we seek applicants with managerial experience for this position.

Nonfiction Editor and Interviews Editor

Please note that the application process is highly selective for section editorships. Drop us a note if you think you would be a good candidate.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is responsible for generating social media content for the journal on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Riffle; he/she will establish a unified public “voice” for the journal. The applicant should have experience with or show aptitude for generating exciting copy.

Spanish Social Media Manager

Same as above, but in Spanish.

All Asymptote staff work from home and communicate via email and gmail or Skype chat.

To apply for any of these unpaid positions, please send a cover letter explaining why you’d like to join our team and a copy of your CV to, with “APPLICATION:” and the position you’re applying for in the subject line. Take note that all positions will start out as 3-month orientation ‘internships,’ during which they will get to know the journal and their fellow team members. After this orientation period we will evaluate their performance together and determine their future role with Asymptote.

If you’re driven and passionate about international literature, send in an application today!