Salon on Arab Science Fiction To Kick Off Nour Festival

This year’s Nour Festival of the Arts — set to run from October 1 to November 30 — will kick off its series of talks on October 2 with a salon on Arab (and thus also Arabic) science fiction:

Image: Murat Palta. More here. 

The sci fi salon, produced by Yasmin Khan and chaired by BBC Radio 4’s Quentin Cooper, has not yet revealed its panel of speakers (they say we should watch the Facebook page for upates), but the free talk was already 50% booked two days ago. The talk promises to treat the question of: “What are the trends in contemporary science fiction from the Arab world compared with works emerging from Middle-Eastern diasporas living in the West, and how does it interconnect with mainstream Sci-Fi?”

For free tickets, you can contact or find out more online.

Other Nour Festival talks include Art and Poetry (October 19), Short Stories from the Arab World (October 24), a discussion of The Wall with Selma Dabbagh and William Sutcliffe (October 31), the launch of Banipal 48 – Writing Marrakesh, and a discussion of Rabai Madhoun’s Lady of Tel Aviv (November 21).  

The stories to be discussed on October 24 include “Mordechai’s Moustache and his Wife’s Cats” by Mahmoud Shukair, “Black Kohl…White Heart” by Mona al- Shammari, and “Ali the Red” by Luay Hamza Abbas. The event notes that “No knowledge of Arabic is needed, all texts are in English, with all three publications available on the night for free.” 

In addition, at the free event (booking required), Moroccan refreshments will be available throughout the evening.

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