Open Call (in Cairo): Arabic Digital Book Expression Program

A number of you have asked about this. So, if you’re in Cairo, “The International Media Network Services for Human Rights (IMNS4HR, Sweden) and Townhouse, Cairo have joined efforts to offer The Arabic Digital Book Expression Program, a series of workshops focusing on creating Arabic digital books”:

e-book_slideshowAccording to the Townhouse Gallery organizers:

Townhouse will host a range of 5 one-day workshops for a select group of cultural practitioners, graphic designers and/or activists, one of which will be conducted by IMNS experts, in addition to four technical support meetings with experts from Netservex.

The five workshops will offer a guide of research strategies and the technicalities behind realizing an Arabic digital book project. After finishing this training, participants will be sufficient in the use of various program tools at their disposal to create and promote digital books in Arabic. They will have the keys to communicate innovatively, visually and more efficiently through the multilayered media platforms the digital book offers. Each participant’s completed Arabic digital book will be uploaded onto Townhouse’s website at the end of the course, December 2013.

Due to regulations set on freedom of expression, curtailing the distribution of texts and images, the Internet has become a well-frequented platform amongst academics, writers, artists, activists and other professionals. ; hence, we propose that Arab information societies should look to the e-book as an alternative that can overcome traditional publishing and censorship issues. IMNS and Townhouse together want to contribute to the development of such an important tool, aiding in the distribution of uncensored information, nourish the fluidity of communication and visually enhance the exchange of information. Introducing this new technology to various democratic movements and the cultural sector will bring the region closer to absolving one of the core issues fought against in recent uprisings: the freedom and accessibility of information.

I very much look forward to seeing all the participants’ books on the Townhouse site.

Application deadline: October 20.

More: here.