Nihad Sirees’s ‘The Silence and the Roar’ One of PW’s Top 10 Books of 2013

Publishers Weekly today revealed their top 101 Best Books of 2013, which span the adult genres, “nonfiction; fiction; poetry; religion; mysteries and thrillers; cookbooks and lifestyle; health; parenting; crafts and hobbies; comics and graphic novels; science fiction, fantasy and horror; and romance and erotica.” From this list, PW also selects an unranked “top ten”; among these is Syrian novelist and screenwriter Nihad Sirees’s The Silence and the Roar, beautifully trans. Max Weiss:

1117-1In PW‘s citation, they note that, “With incisive wit, Sirees marks the celebration that affects freedom, romance, and the right to simply walk down the street unmolested.”

Sirees’s was the only book translated from the Arabic that made the list, and — it seems from a cursory look — one of very view translations.

Also this year, Sirees won Germany’s Coberg Rückert Prize, an award given by the German city of Coburg, and a PEN award for Writing in Translation. Sirees is the author of seven novels, a number of plays, and acclaimed television dramas. He was forced to leave Syria in January 2012.

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