Tomorrow in London: Keep Your Eye on the Wall

Tomorrow at noon, eds. Olivia Snaije and Mitchell Albert, as well as contributors Malu Halasa and Steve Sabella, will discuss the powerful collection Keep Your Eye on the Wall at London’s Mosaic Rooms:

Photographer  Raeda Saadeh with one of her images at the exhibition. Photo credit: Olivia Snaije.
Photographer Raeda Saadeh with one of her images at an earlier exhibition in France. Photo credit: Olivia Snaije.

Halasu is a London-based cultural critic, whose essay on the aestheticization of Israel’s “Separation Wall” is featured in the book, and Berlin-based Steve Sabella contributed images. Other images will be screened as well.

According to Snaij and Albert, in an earlier interview with ArabLit:

The genesis of the book emerged from discussions between Olivia and Mitch about developing a project centred on the Separation Wall, but we were initially interested in the fact that the wall was being used as a canvas by artists from all over the world. We envisioned a book that would curate a selection of wall graffiti past and present, from the great names in the form to young Palestinians who sprayed their initials. However, a handful of books that had already come out on the same subject or that were in progress were brought to our attention, and we decided to refocus our endeavour. That came easily when we considered that the writers of these other books were all Westerners, and that much of the art was Western-derived as well. We decided to argue for a more original (and photographic) perspective on the Wall, from the people whose lives were most affected: Palestinians themselves. Fortunately, there are many renowned and hugely talented Palestinian photographers on the scene, so we set about contacting them and enquiring into their interest in participating.

In addition to art and criticism, the book also features work from prominent Palestinian novelist and short-story writer Adania Shibli and poet Najwan Darwish.

For more on the free event, and how to get a copy of the book, visit the Mosaic Rooms website.