Grants to ‘Improve the British Public’s Understanding of the Arab World’

I’m not quite sure what the Arab British Centre has in mind with these grants, but surely the translation of Arabic literature could go to “improving the British public’s understanding of the Arab world”:

downloadThe next deadline is the 10th of January, and a “limited number of grants up to the value of £1,000 are available.”

The organization also notes that these are for those who “have an arts or cultural project which will directly improve the British public’s understanding of the Arab World” and that they “can not fund grants for students or research projects.”

Those who are interested should submit a proposal that addresses the points below:

* About the proposing organisation/individual;

* About the project, including its aims and intended outcomes;

* How the project will improve the British public’s understanding of the Arab world;

* Current funding arrangements already in place (budget breakdown);

* The amount of funding you are requesting from the Arab British Centre;

* Where and how you envisage that funding would be spent.

Proposals should be sent to and more information is available here.

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  1. I had wrote many short stories at my personal blog, what about translating and sending them to the Email address above?

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