ArabLit Had a Headline-writing Contest. You Won’t Believe What Sort of Entries We Got.

Well, okay, you might.

contest-630x350The contest, which sought an Upworthy-esque headline — but about Arabic literature — was judged by satiric writer and architect Karl Sharro (@karlremarks), novelist Noura Noman, (@NouraNoman), writer-journalist Olivia Snaije (@oliviasnaije), social-media specialist Fatemeh Fakhraie (@fatemehf), and comedian Jacquetta Szathmari (@jacquetta).

The co-winners are UK-based Carole Richmond, with:

Poets are good with words in confined spaces so Al-Ajami thanks the Emir of Qatar for his generosity on granting him 15 years solitary confinement and is looking forward to producing his best work.

And Jordan-based Thorayya al-Rayyes*, with:

This Sci-Fi Bestseller Was Banned In Saudi Arabia. The Reason Why Will Change How You Promote Virtue & Prevent Vice Forever.

Honorable mentions

Andrew Leber, for his:

This director tried to bring Emile Habibi’s “Saeed the Pessoptomist” to the big screen. What follows is a bittersweet tragicomedy of factual fiction, of heroic cowardice and cruel kindness. Listen closely for the deafening silence at 2:35.

Matthew Lundin, for:

This divorcé found out his city was shaped like a sultan’s seal. What the shape of your town says about the hidden mysteries of the universe may surprise you!

And to Zora O’Neill, for:

Someone told Abu Nuwas the only good poetry took place in the desert. His response will have you cheering from your barstool.

*Thorayya is, yes, a friend of mine. However, I was not involved in the judging process. Still, if you want to get your lawyer(s) involved….