The Best of New Lebanese Writing: Reading Lebanon, Reading the World

Yasmina Jraissaiti and M Lynx Qualey — with the extraordinary help of a cadre of award-winning translators — have put together an issue of contemporary Lebanese writing for The Missing Slate. Most of the poetry and fiction within is appearing here for the first time.

Underbelly by Sheri L. Wright, from "The Missing Slate"
Underbelly by Sheri L. Wright, from “The Missing Slate”


Reading Lebanon, Reading the World
Marcia Lynx Qualey & Yasmina Jraissati


Less Than A Drop
Bassam Hajjar, trans. Maged Zaher

The Atheists of Paris
Abbas Beydoun, trans. Maged Zaher

Hey Allen Ginsberg, I think that the fan is rotating
Wadih Saadeh, trans. Maged Zaher

Etel Adnan


180 Sunsets
Hassan Daoud, trans. Marilyn Booth

June Rain
Jabbour Douaihy, trans. Paula Haydar

Other Lives
Iman Humaydan, trans. Michelle Hartman

The Smell of Soap
Elias Khoury, trans. Ghada Mourad

Always Coca-Cola
Alexandra Chreiteh, trans. Michelle Hartman

The Bus
Najwa Barakat, trans. Luke Leafgren

The Curse
Hyam Yared, trans. Michelle Hartman

Many thanks and much love to the translators and authors for their time and their work.