AUC Press recently released the English translation of Radwa Ashour’s¬†Al-Tantoureya,¬†or The Woman from Tantoura,¬†trans. Kay Heikkinen. Meanwhile, next month, BQFP will publish Ashour’s¬†Blue Lorries,¬†trans. Barbara Romaine:

ashourThe former (The Woman from Tantoura) tells the story of Rouqaya, a Palestinian woman who has been pushed to write the story of her life — from pre-1948 Palestine through her¬†flight from home, to¬†Beirut’s long civil war, to Abu Dhabi, to a stay in Alexandria, back to Lebanon¬†— by her middle son. Indeed, a¬†large part of the novel’s charm is the relationship between the author and her three very different sons.

Read an excerpt here.¬†(You’ll have to find the little image that says “Google preview”. Then click it.)

The cover of The Woman from Tantoura.

The latter (Blue Lorries)¬†tells about what it was like to choose the¬†activist’s life in Egypt in the second half of the twentieth century, a theme Ashour also explored in her partly autobiographical¬†Spectres,¬†trans. Barbara Romaine.

Read an excerpt here.

When Youssef Rakha’s two novels —¬†Sultan’s Seal¬†and¬†Crocodiles¬†— come out from Interlink and Seven Stories this fall, the two presses will work on joint promotions. It would be nice to see AUCP and BQFP do the same.