September 2014: Global Arab and Arabic Literary Events Calendar

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September 1

TRANSFERENCE opens submissions to poetry translated into English from Arabic (as well as from Chinese, French, Old French, German, Classical Greek, Latin, and Japanese. More here.

September 2

whosegaze2Whose Gaze Is It Anyway? (London, England)

The opening of Whose Gaze Is It Anyway?, an exhibition that looks at the history of Arab pop culture through printed matter – posters, notebooks, diaries and book covers, as well as through film and video.

There will also be showings of films based on excellent books, including Kit Kat, based on Ibrahim Aslan’s The Heron. More here.

Khan Arts (Amman, Jordan)

Opening ceremony of the Khan Arts festival in Amman, this year focusing on “Art in the Face of Neglect.” Tuesday evening will feature poetry readings, and the multi-day festival will focus on poetry and music. More on 7iber.

September 3

Opening of the Amman International Book Fair (Amman, Jordan)

The fair will be held in Al Hussein Youth City from September 3 – 13 and will feature a number of authors and events. For more, visit the calendar at 7iber.

One Day in Cairo with Rania Zaghir (Ma’adi, Egypt)

For young readers, ages 4-8, at Kotob Khan. More here.

September 4

Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival (Malta)

Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival opens, featuring Algerian-German author Noria Adel, Palestinian-Maltese author Walid Nabhan, and more. More here.

September 6

AFFINCHE’ IL VENTO NON MI DISPERDA un ricordo di Mahmoud Darwish (Mantova, Italy)

AFFINCHE’ IL VENTO NON MI DISPERDA: un ricordo di Mahmoud Darwish. La terra fragile – focus sulla letteratura palestinese; Elisabetta Bartuli, Elias Khoury e Mourid Barghouti. More here.

September 9

فينفجر كابوس جديد / النهايات Another Nightmare Explodes (Amman, Jordan)

An audiovisual literary music encounter. More here.

Fadia Faqir Reading (Amman, Jordan)

The event will be held in Arabic (with translation into English). More here.

1948 – Once Upon a Palestine Film Festival (Providence, USA)

Opens September 9 and includes The Dupes, a film based on Ghassan Kanafani’s Men in the Sun. More here.

September 11

The Cost of Eggs (London, England)

The Mosaic Rooms is set to present two play readings by emerging Arab playwrights in collaboration with Sandpit Productions’ Bulbul Playwriting Competitions. The Bulbul Playwriting Competition invites writers from around the world to submit short plays in response to a theme about the Arab world and it’s surrounding regions. The first reading in the series is The Cost of Eggs by Yamina Bakiri , directed by Tarek Iskander. More here.

September 12

Al-Mutanabbi: A Poetic Journey (Washington D.C., USA)

The first of four in a series of lectures presented at Georgetown by Prof. Hussain Abulfaraj, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia. More here.

Workshop on Literature and Intellectual Life in Islamic Anatolia (Istanbul, Turkey)

Literature and Intellectual Life in Islamic Anatolia in the 14th-15th Centuries: Historical, Social and Political Perspectives. More here.

September 14

War and Peace in Gaza and London (London, England)

Gaza-based Theatre for Everybody and London-based Az Theatre are co-creating and co-producing “War and Peace in Gaza and London,” set for a Rich Mix debut at 4 p.m. on September 14. More here.

Cork International Short Story Festival Features Hisham Bustani (Cork, Ireland)

More than two dozen short-story writers, including acclaimed Jordanian author Hisham Bustani. More here.

September 16

“From Text to Screen, Literary Adaptation as a Point of Departure (Cairo, Egypt)

Award-winning scriptwriter Mariam Naoum (Zaat, Sign al-Nisaa) will talk as part of the Center for Translation Studies series of fall lectures. Begins at 6 p.m. in AUC’s Oriental Hall.

Poetic and Intellectual Freedom: A Panel Discussion (Fairfax, USA)

Panelists include Elliott Colla, author of Baghdad Central and director of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University; Sumaiya Hamdani, professor of Middle Eastern Studies at George Mason University; Sarah Browning, director of Split This Rock; Zein El-Amine of Maryland’s Young Scholars Program and assistant director of the Jimenez-Porter Writers’ House at the University of Maryland; and Mousa Al-Nasseri, a merchant from Al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad, Iraq. The panel will be moderated by Helen Frederick and Terry P. Scott. More here.

Mário de Andrade Library features Arabic poetry (São Paulo, Brazil)

Arabic poetry will be part of the Mário de Andrade Library’s programme this Tuesday (16th), at 7:30pm, in São Paulo. A recital of Arab and Brazilian poems will be promoted by the Lebanese Research and Culture Centre (CPCL, in the Portuguese acronym). The CPCL is a group formed by Brazilian intellectuals to do research into Arab culture and politics. More here.

September 18

RAWI & Mizna Fifth National Gathering (Minneapolis, USA)

Mizna is partnering with RAWI (Radius of Arab Writers, Inc.) to present the 5th National RAWI + Mizna Literary Gathering, September 18 to 20, at Open Book in Minneapolis, Minnesota. More here.

Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival (London, England)

Including talks by Palestinian-British novelist Selma Dabbagh, critic and ArabLit contributor Sarah Irving, Palestinian doctor and author Ghada Karmi, and more. More here.

Bitterenders (London, England)

This is the the second and final reading by emerging Arab playwrights as part of the Mosaic Rooms’ collaboration with Sandpit Productions’ Bulbul Playwriting Competitions. The second reading opens with a short reading of a new piece by Hassan Abdulrazzak The Tune is always better on the outside followed by the main reading of Bitterenders by Hannah Khalil. The readings are directed by Chris White. More here.

September 24

Susanne Shanda discusses the Arabic translation of her book, Literature of the Rebellion (Cairo, Egypt)

The first reading will be on Wednesday, September 24, at Virgin Megastore in Heliopolis.

September 27

One Thousand And One Nights: Performance Storytelling by Chirine El Ansary (London, England)

Egyptian storyteller and performer Chirine El Ansary returns to the Crick Crack Club to tell episodes from the Nights. Rich Mix Theatre, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA. Tickets: £9 full / £7 concs. 7:30pm. More here.

100 Thousand Poets for Change (Global)

September 27th is the global 100 Thousand Poets for Change Day, 2014. More here.

September 28

Susanne Shanda discusses the Arabic translation of her book, Literature of the Rebellion (Cairo, Egypt)

The second reading will be on Sunday, Sept 28, at the Zamalek Diwan.

September 30

Gallatin Global Writers Presents: Saadi Youssef (New York City, USA)

Youssef  will be introduced by Gallatin professor, poet, and translator Sinan Antoon. Begins 6:30 p.m. at 1 Washington Place. More here.