Apply for Editor-Translator ‘Speed Dating’ Sessions

This year’s American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) conference will feature a new opportunity: “Speed-Dating for Editors and Translators”:

alta_logoAs ALTA organizers note on their website, “Interested translators will have the chance to discuss a short sample of their work with an editor from prominent publications, such as Words Without Borders, Open Letter, The Literary Review, the Notre Dame Review, and many more. Translators will be paired with a participating editor for a 10 minute mini-meeting to receive feedback on up to two pages of their work.”

To be considered for a consultation, translators should submit:

  • Your name, email address, and a 50 word (max) translator biography
  • Your preference for editor area-of-expertise (poetry, prose, or non-fiction)
  • Up to 2 pages of translated material to discuss with the editor (suggested 2 double-spaced pages of prose or 1 single-spaced page of poetry; see formatting guidelines below)
  • Up to 2 specific questions for the editor about the material (ex. “Is this pacing effective?” or “What do you think of this phrasing?”). General inquiries (“How can I get published?”) will not be permitted.

The application deadline is October 24. To apply, register and submit your information here.